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Reserve State Champs 2010







* 2008 Division B Regional Champions

* 2008 Division B Reserve Champions State Championships

* 2009 Division C Regional Champions

* 2009 Third Place Division C State Championships

* 2010 Division B Regional Reserve Champions

* 2010 Division B Reserve Champions State Championships

** TEAM MEMBERS ( 2010 - 2011 )















** TEAM MEMBERS ( 2009 - 10 )



Garett Luebke

Emmie Abraham

Tera Roycraft

* Sophomores:

Katie Bohn

Olivia Buehler

** Student Assistants:

Terri Roth

Anna Radig

Lauren Bohn

Casey Buehler

** Coaching Staff:

Head Coach - Joann Bares

Assistant - Shawn McAfee

Assistant - Jessica Bradley

Assistant - Katherine Bares

Assistant - Kellen Cameron

                                         Team / Club Adviser - Mark Bohn                                       








    At present, the Athletic Director has been notified of the teams desire to be taken to a fully recognized varsity level sport. There are an ever growing number of schools around the state that are doing this and we would like to see our student athletes be given this same opportunity and recognition in the future. Our Athletic Director has stated that we will be kept informed of any developments.   

Anyone grades 6 - 12 interested in joining the competition team and or club, contact Mr.Bohn through the High School.


The Equestrian Team would like to welcome Garrett Luebke. Garett will be riding speed events for the team this season.


Amelia Abraham, Katie Bohn and Lauren Bohn competed on 12 September at the Wisconsin State Horse Council Equestrian Championships held in Custer Wisconsin. Emmie Abraham brought home four grand championships as well as fourth, fifth and sixth place finishes. Katie Bohn came in with a  reserve grand championship and a third place. Last but not least, Lauren Bohn brought a third place back to Omro. Congratulations ladies!


The teams first WIHA show for the 2009 season will be held on 26/27 September at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds.


The team competed in two regional shows at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds this past weekend against eight other teams in Division C. OHS won both the Saturday and Sunday shows with a combined point total of 164 points! A special thanks to all the parents for their help. This would not have been possible without all of you. We are truly a team.


The team's third regional meet will be held on 10Oct09 in Oakfield at the Bar A Ranch and Showgrounds.


OHS won another regional show this past weekend in Oakfield. This qualifies our team for the state championships which will be held at Heartland stables in Custer Wisconsin. The riders won all their regional shows this season as well as the overall points championship for District 5, Division C.  



TEAM: Third place - Division C.


Emmie Abraham - 6th Western Showmanship, 3rd English Showmanship, 3rd English Equitation, 3rd Western Horsemanship, 9th Two Person Relay.

Katie Bohn - 2nd Saddleseat Showmanship, 7th Saddleseat Equitation, 8th Saddleseat Bareback Equitation.

Tera Roycraft - 6th Equitation Over Fences, 6th Saddleseat Showmanship.

Olivia Buehler - 7th Western Showmanship.

Garrett Luebke - 9th Two Person Relay.


The Equestrian staff will be going before the school board at the March meeting to update the board on the teams progress over the past two seasons. Come on out and show your support.


Coach Bares recently recently attended the district five regional WIHA meeting. New rules, regulations and other topics were discussed. There will be an informational meeting held early this summer for current team members and anyone new who would like to join. The meeting will be announced via email and or phone to current members. For anyone new, simply check this site for updates or call any of the coaches.  


This years regional shows will be held at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds on September 25th and 26th. We have added two new riders this year which will move our team up a competition level to Division B. State competition this year for those teams who qualify will be held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Emmie Abraham, Tera Roycraft, Olivia Buehler and Katie Bohn competed at the Wisconsin 4H state equestrian championships on September 17th-19th in Milwaukee. These riders qualified for state competition this past August by receiving first place finishes at the Winnebago County Fair.  All did a fine job with special congratulations going out to Emmie who received multiple top ten and championship awards.

There will be an organizational meeting for any student who would like to join the Equestrian Club or to just get more information after the competition season is over sometime next month. An announcement will be made at the high school before this occurs or you make check this site for continuing information. 


The team competed this past weekend in their regional show series which was held in Oshkosh. Our team made a strong showing, placing an overall second over three shows which for the third year in a row qualifies us for the state championships. State will be a two day show this year being held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Check this site for further updates at to date and times.

Every team member once again contributed show points to the team. Team Captain Emmie Abraham led the way with multiple first place finishes. For more on the show results, watch for an upcoming article in the Omro Herald Newspaper. 


There will be a pep rally in the high school gym sending the team off to state on October 22nd at 2:45. Come on out and support the team. 


Assistant Coach Cameron recently returned form World/National competition in Saddleseat. Coach had some good rides against some of the best competition in the country. Were proud of you!!


The team competed on October 23&24 in the Wisconsin Interscholastic State Championships at Jefferson county Fairgrounds. Omro Equestrians finished as Reserve Champions in Division B.

 Special thanks goes out to the Flying Mane Riding Club of Waukau, Omro Booster Club and Crown Trophy of Oshkosh for sponsoring stalls and for donating team banners and signs.

State Results:

Western Showmanship - Emmie 1, Katie 3, Olivia 5, Tera 9

Saddleseat Showmanship - Terri 3, Anna 6

Huntseat Showmanship - Emmie 1, Katie 3, Olivia 9

Hunter Hack - Tera 3

Huntseat Equitation - Emmie 1, Tera 9

Huntseat Bareback Equitation - Emmie 2, Tera 6

Saddleseat Equitation - Anna 2, Terri 4

Saddleseat Bareback Equitation - Anna 2, Terri 5

Western Horsemanship - Emmie 6, Katie 10

Western Bareback Equitation - Emmie 2

Driving - Olivia 1

Trail - Katie 4, Olivia 5

Poles - Garett - 3

Barrels - Garett - 5

Flag - Garett 4, Anna 7

Speed and Action - Garett 3

Team Relay - Garett and Anna 5  .



Congratulations to Omro Ulumni / coach Katie Bares for being named a state WIHA representative. Katie will assist in guiding WIHA for the state of Wisconsin. 


Show season is just around the corner. Anyone from Middle School through High School are eligible to be part of the team and club. If you are interested in participating (No horse required), contact Mr.Bohn at the High School in person or at phone extention #113. 


The team will be conducting two presentations at OMS Career and Wellness Day on May 13th. See Mr.Bohn or Tera Roycraft for more information. 



Good luck to the team this Saturday and Sunday in their regional shows at the Winnebago County fairgrounds.



Congratulations to the team for advancing out of regionals and again advancing to the state championships. The championships will be held at the Jefferson county fairgrounds on October 23rd and 24th.















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