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The Food Service Department knows and understands that children who eat well-balanced, nutritious meals do much better in school.  We use the highest quality products to make fresh nutritious meals.  Each school day we provide healthy and affordable breakfast and lunch meals.  Under the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) breakfast provides over 1/4 of all of a child's daily nutritional requirements and lunch provides over 1/3. 

Students are encouraged to make healthy food choices.  We provide numerous options each day throughout all of the grade levels, from fresh fruits and vegetables to low fat entrees.  To help meet the very important nutritional needs of a growing student, we have planned the elementary, middle and high school menus to accomodate diverse taste buds.


* The School Lunch and Breakfast Program offers nutritious lunches and breakfasts to all students

* Special meals are available for students in grades 6-12 for after school activities that may restrict their access to a nutritious meal (eaample:  away basketball game or forensics meet). 

* The Bag Lunch Service is offered to provide a nutritous and fun bag lunch when students go on field trips.  Please ask your child's teacher to order the lunch one week in advance for your child.

* A lunch menu will be published each month, but is subject to change without notice.


The School Nutrition Department uses Skyward to track meals and payments.  Students are assigned a lunch ID number that carries with them while they are enrolled in the school district.  There is one account per family.  All family member's charges will be deducted from the same account.  It is only necessary to make out one check for all members of the family.  Payments made be made at the Patch Office, OES Offce and District Office.  Payments for grades 6-12 are also accepted in the lunch/breakfast line.  We also offer the option for paying on-line with e-funds. 

Link to e-funds:



The School District of Omro participates in the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program which is a federally subsidized program that is designed to help eligible children receive free or reduced-price meals.  Families that qualify for free or reduced price meals can confidentially participate in both the USDA Lunch and Breakfast Programs at their schools.  Free and Reduced price applications are mailed each August to each registered household in the district.  Meal applications are available at all Omro School Offices and the District Office.  Applications can be found on-line at: 

Click Here for the form

A new application must be filled out every year.

The Omro School District also participates in the Direct Certification Option.  If one or more of your children are approved through this method you will get a letter in the mail stating so.  If any other school age children in your household were not directly certified, you must complete an application for the entire household.



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  • School District of Omro
  • 455 Fox Trail Omro, WI 54963
  • Phone: (920) 303-2302