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Volunteer Coaches

At Omro Middle School we encourage the involvement of qualified volunteer coaches who generously devote their time for kids. Volunteer coaches, who exemplify a strong character and express themselves with a pleasant demeanor, play a vital role in physical and emotional development young athletes. Kids have always looked for role models to draw insight, gather encouragement, and to perform beyond their current expectations. Volunteer coaches are greatly appreciated and their efforts serve towards the success of our middle school athletic program.

Application Process
As a prospective volunteer, there are five steps to successfully complete before the middle school principal and athletic director recommends you to the Board of Education as a volunteer coach.


Step 1: Complete the Volunteer Agreement form and the Background Release form that grants the district permission to conduct a background check.    


Step 3: Complete and submit answers to the character revealing questions below.

Step 4: Conference with the school principal and/or athletic director.

Step 5: School Board makes final approval of all volunteer coaches at the monthly meeting. 

Charater Reference Questions
Please type your answer for the following questions below, sign and date the copy, and submit your response at the conference.


1. What qualities do you posses that make you a great volunteer coach?
2. How are you going to encourage young athletes at practices and games?
3. From personal experience give an example of how sport lessons can transfer into life lessons.  
5. What technique would you use if you disagree with how another coach performed?
6. On what days or times are you intending to volunteer?
Volunteer Coach Expectations
We have learned that volunteer coaches want some direction on what they are to be doing and how they should be relating to coaches and players. Use the following expectations for your success:


Volunteer Coaches Duties

  • Help set up, inventory, repair, and put away equipment
  • Ensure that all athletes are safe and accounted for
  • Assist coaches in demonstration and organization
  • Portray a positive and energetic attitude
  • Assist in coaching athletes
  • If someone gets hurt please stay with the injured person & ask others to get help.
If volunteers are not meeting the expectations/duties listed above, they can be asked to leave at anytime. 
Any negative coaching can result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  • Under no circumstance should volunteers be coaching or supervising by themselves. Always have a paid coach nearby.
  • Avoid standing, sitting or mingling with the coach. You should not be glued to their hip. Keep yourself available to the kids.
  • Wear a whisle. Use one short chirp of the whistle to sound the alert for unsafe conditions. Do not use the whistle to control practices or games. Remember the paid coaches whistle is the primary note of authority, your whistle is an added measure of safety. 
  • Kids should be accounted for at all times. Kids should never be left or sent alone. Periodic head counts are coach’s responsibility during practices. 
  • Never yell or humiliate anyone. Never physically harm anyone. 
  • Volunteer coaches are not expected to handle discipline. Immediately notify the paid coach of disciplinary situations.
  • Wear clothing appropriate for coaching and being in the presence of kids.


  • School District of Omro
  • 455 Fox Trail Omro, WI 54963
  • Phone: (920) 303-2302
  • School District of Omro
  • 455 Fox Trail Omro, WI 54963
  • Phone: (920) 303-2302