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Middle School Sports


Middle school students are experiencing a time in their lives of tremendous physical and emotional growth. As they deal with this they are often overly excited, confused, argumentative, curious, erratic, sensitive, moody, and self-conscious. In sports, forensics and other extra-curricular activities, middle school students will not only learn more about fair play and sportsmanship, but mold their identity and achieve acceptance from peers. In middle school sports we expect our developing teenagers to participate as much as possible. They are to be given chances and allowed to make mistakes. They are expected to appreciate teamwork and understand that physical hard work and perserverance leads to success.

Middle school sports will also refine the ideal that building and maintaining positive human relationships is key in life. Therefore, we expect our teenagers to understand and appreciate that people have different physical abilities, talents and gifts. We believe that the experience of middle school sports will provide opportunities for our students to learn how to deal with coaches, referees, opponents, peers and themselves.  


Sports Calendar:

The Middle School Sports Calendar is available online. Parents can select a calendar for a specific sport and set up an alert notification to your email address of any changes to the sports calendar the moment it happens. A visual tutorial on how to Set Up Your Sports Calendar is also available online.


Wednesday Practices

All Wednesday practices for sports are not mandatory in attendance. Coaches are expected to conduct practices in a less formal way to allow students to attend religious classes or other organization commitments.


Closed Practices

Omro High School conducts closed practices.  Coaches and athletes are expected to maintain focus on developing skills, endurance, strategies, etc wiithout distraction: just like in classrooms.  This means that during practice, other students, other athletes (not a part of the team), and parents are to remain outside the practice area until practice unless the head coach has given consent.

Participation Requirements

Any student participating in athletics will need to have a number of forms completed and turned in.  These forms are available in the Administrative Forms are available for download in the right hand side bar.  In order to be eiligible for athletics every athlete will need to have a current Physical (good for 2 years), an Insurance Waiver or Supplemental Insurance Coverage, WIAA Eligibility Form, Student Code of Conduct (filled out by all students on the first day of school), Concussion Information Form, and an Emergency Contact Form.  All of these forms are to be handed in to coach at the parents meeting.


Students are also required to pay a sport fee.  The sport fee is $35 per sport up to a maximum of $105 even if the family has athletes participating at the middle school and high school level.  All athletic fees are to be paid in the middle school or high school office.  Please make all checks payable to School Distirct of Omro.


For assistance, use the driving directions to our conference schools.

  • School District of Omro
  • 455 Fox Trail Omro, WI 54963
  • Phone: (920) 303-2302
  • School District of Omro
  • 455 Fox Trail Omro, WI 54963
  • Phone: (920) 303-2302